This time for real - Pira Hotel opening | Pira Hotel

This time for real - Pira Hotel opening

Enjoy the Moment

Spring painted our garden green, trees adorned themselves with a splendid attire – everything beckoned that it was time for the official ceremony marking the opening of Pira Hotel. We placed the date and time on the invitations and sent them out. Quietly, we hoped for a positive response, and we were surprised to see that almost all of our dear guests, journalists, business partners, friends, and acquaintances attended.

To make the last Thursday of May truly celebratory, our almost-neighbor, the exceptional baritone Jure Počkaj, took care of that. Thanks to his performance, the reception was even more solemn, and his heartfelt rendition brought tears to many eyes. This is why the subsequent festivities were all the more joyful and lively. The celebrations continued until late evening hours.

A heartfelt thank you to everyone for their visit.