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Your oasis of peace and comfort.


Your oasis of peace and comfort.

The essential feature of Pira Hotel
is our commitment to our guests.

In the place where one of the oldest rural houses in Hruševo has been standing since the 18th century, the owners Ana and Robert Čebokelj embarked on a new entrepreneurial path with bold and daring plans. With rich experience from their more than 20 years of highly successful story in hospitality, they began a few years ago to realize another bold plan: to open a boutique hotel in the countryside that could offer a pleasant, warm atmosphere to even the most demanding guests.

Both Ana and Robert are very heartfelt people who have managed to create a real family business from the stories of Avio Pub and Kantine. For them, no challenge was too big. On the one hand, Ana, attentive, caring, with a keen sense of aesthetics and a special attitude towards details. Alongside her, Robert, a visionary, perfectionist, determined, and persistent person, who, as friends say, often takes on too much work at once. Together, they also have the heart of this new challenge - the opening of Pira Hotel and restaurant.

Surrounded by a team of loyal collaborators, friends, architects, and other experts, they followed the plan. On the site of a former rural house has emerged a boutique, family-run hotel that more than deserves this label, as it differs in many aspects from ordinary hotel accommodations.

Cozy, warm, and personal. This is the direction they have set for the hotel team. And for a special reason, they chose the name Pira Hotel for the hotel.

About us - pirahotel.si

In Pira Hotel, you are welcome if you want to stay in the midst of beautiful, unspoiled nature, in a space surrounded by mighty forests where numerous species of wildlife live peacefully. You can stroll across green meadows and hills, along streams from which you can drink fresh and clean water, cycle through mountains and valleys, or climb nearby Nanos. When you return from your wanderings, we will be waiting for you at Pira Hotel to serve you with selected, excellent dishes, after which, if you wish, a glass of wine from one of the four wine-growing regions nearby will be waiting for you. Or you can take a break in peace, listening to the singing of birds and the silence of the small town you will want to visit again.

Pira Hotel will not remain just as it is, as we have many plans ahead of us. So check out what's new with us from time to time. Join us on social media, subscribe to our emails, and don't miss the special invitations we prepare for you.

We are already looking forward to tomorrow. And you are close to us. We are just one click away on the internet and a short drive away.

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